The rise of remote control lawn mower also known as robotic mowers, has transformed lawn care. But for those with challenging landscapes, traditional wheeled mowers might not suffice. Enter the tracked remote mower, a powerful solution for conquering slopes, uneven terrain, and soft soil conditions. However, with various models on the market, choosing the right one can be daunting. Here’s a comprehensive guide to equip you for selecting the perfect tracked remote control mower for your lawn:

    Evaluating Your Lawn’s Needs:

    • Terrain: The primary factor is your lawn’s topography. Do you have steep slopes, uneven ground, or soft soil areas like sand or loose dirt? Tracked mowers excel in these conditions where wheeled models might struggle.
    • Size: Consider your lawn’s size. Most tracked mowers handle moderate to large lawns efficiently. However, some models might struggle with very small, complex layouts with tight corners.
    • Obstacles: Does your lawn have obstacles like trees, flower beds, or landscaping features? While some mowers offer advanced obstacle avoidance, consider the complexity of your layout when choosing a mower’s turning radius and maneuverability.

    Essential Features to Consider:

    • Track Type: Choose the right track type for your needs. Cleated tracks excel on slopes, smooth tracks for flat lawns, and hybrid tracks offer a balance.
    • Cutting Width: A wider cutting width covers more ground with each pass, increasing efficiency for larger lawns.
    • Battery Life: Consider the battery runtime and charging time. Choose a mower that can handle your lawn size on a single charge or offers features like automatic docking and charging.
    • Smart Features (Optional): Advanced models offer smartphone app control, scheduling, obstacle avoidance, and rain sensors for added convenience and performance.
    • Security Features (Optional): For expensive models, consider features like PIN code access and anti-theft alarms for peace of mind.

    Benefits Beyond Terrain:

    While tackling challenging terrain is their forte, tracked mowers offer additional benefits:

    • Stability: The wider track base provides superior stability on slopes and uneven ground, preventing tipping.
    • Reduced Lawn Damage: Tracks distribute the mower’s weight more evenly, minimizing compaction and potential damage to your lawn.
    • Improved Handling in Soft Conditions: Tracks perform well in wet grass, mud, or loose soil where wheels might get bogged down.

    Beyond the Basics: Additional Considerations:

    • Maintenance Needs: Tracked mowers generally require more maintenance than wheeled models due to the tracks themselves. Consider your comfort level with cleaning, inspecting, and potentially replacing tracks.
    • Noise: Tracked mowers might generate slightly more noise compared to wheeled models. Check noise levels if noise is a concern in your neighborhood.
    • Cost: Tracked models tend to be more expensive than wheeled mowers. However, the added capability for challenging terrains might be worth the investment for some homeowners.

    The Future of Tracked Mowers:

    The future of tracked mowers is bright, with potential advancements like:

    • Self-Cleaning Tracks: Tracks that automatically shed debris to reduce maintenance needs.
    • Smart Tension Adjustment: Mowers that automatically adjust track tension based on terrain conditions.
    • Improved Maneuverability: Tracked mowers with better turning radius and maneuverability for navigating complex layouts.


    By carefully evaluating your lawn’s needs, desired features, and comfort level with maintenance, you can select the perfect tracked remote control mower. These powerful machines offer a winning combination of conquering challenging landscapes and maintaining a beautiful lawn, all while saving you precious time and effort. So, ditch the struggle and embrace the future of lawn care – a future where your robotic companion tackles even the most demanding terrain, leaving you free to enjoy the beauty of your perfectly groomed lawn.

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