The full form of NBA is National Basketball Association. This professional basketball league was founded in the USA in 1949 through merging of two opponent organizations – the Basketball Association of America (established in 1946) and the National Basketball League (established in 1937). In this blog post, we will discuss 3 NBA GREATs of all time. It is anything but easy to pick up only three names from plenty of gems that NBA has produced for so many years. Basketball fans, throughout the world, still love debating over the GOAT of all time. Whether the crown should go to Michael Jordon, Magic Johnson, Bill Russell, Wilt Chamberlin or LeBron James is certainly debatable. However, there is no doubt about the magic moves and splendid wining skills of the following 3 players from the Hall of Famers. For funny NBA names, read…….

    Magic Johnson

    Magic was true to his name! Definitely one of the GREATs, Johnson joined the league as a 6-foot-9 point China Wall. Since the first day, he had been recognized as a man of talents and skills but no one thought that he would surpass all the wildest expectations in his professional career.He joined Los Angeles Lakers in 1979 and stayed put with them until 1991. Jackson was a triple-double arriving in the league. The legendary player will always be remembered for his lightening-speed passing and flamboyant style of playing. Jackson’s famous rivalry with the Celtics and Bird has contributed to much of NBA’s current fame and status. With a body frame of a centre, Johnson never failed to dazzle as a perfect point guard.Johnson’s charismatic performance helped Showtime Lakers reach nine NBA finals and win five titles, His quick cuts coupled with no-look passes made NBA popular, transforming it from an era when live broadcasts of final matches was an alien idea. Magic bid adieu to his illustrious career with an average of 19.5 points, 7.2 rebounds and record assists of 11.2.

    Wilt Chamberlain 

    His career spanned for 14 years. During this time period, he played for several teams including Philadelphia Warriors, San Francisco Warriors, Philadelphia 76ers and Los Angeles Lakers. Chamberlin hung up his boots in 1973. 

    Such was his talent that it forced the authority to make rules to restrict his dominance. Throughout his career, he smashed many records and set his own records that no other player is highly likely to break in near future.

    Just imagine he ended a season with an insane average of 50.4 points per game in 1961-62. When can we see another player maintaining an astonishing average of 22.9 points per game? Who will ever be able to outshine Wilt’s feat of outsmarting a team by 100 points? The answer lies in the womb of time.

    It is a real challenge for someone to play an average of 45.8 minutes per game that Wilt did for 13 NBA seasons in a row. It is a dream for a basketball player to emulate his 23,924 career rebounds. 

    Furthermore, he achieved an average of 22.9 rebounds. He retired with 30.1 points and an average of 4.4 assists. What a glorious career it was!

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    Michael Jordon

    No one will blink an eye to know Michael Jordon making it to the list of 3 greats of all time. Jackson’s high-flying dunks were integral to his aggressive style of playing, which also manifested through his signature tongue wagging. His winning temperament and strategy were phenomenal and philosophical purely based on ‘fight till the last”. In 1988, he was awarded the Defensive Player of the Year’ (NBA MVP) and also the scoring title. He is considered not only an iconic basketball player but also a legend for all sports in the world. There has been no one like him. From helping Chicago Bulls win two three-peats to going 6 of 6 at the NBA finals, he did so many things right and conceivable only in dreams,He achieved great things against the star-studded teams. The streaks of his sheer magic always showed through even at the slightest of chances. He transformed basketball in a big way. The history of basketball is incomplete without a player like him.There is no shade of double that Michael Jordon is the GOAT of Basketball. 

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